The Apple iPhone 4 has certainly been one of the best selling phones of this generation, creating a whole lot of buzz and rumors when it was first announced, not to mention having third party manufacturer accessories getting spotted in the wild. Well, since its launch, the iPhone 4 has steadily made its way into the hands of many, and with it, a fast growing accessory market.

One major gripe from those iPhone 4 owners who use it for just about everything is this – it does not have sufficient battery life to last you through the whole day. Of course, this applies to the above average user, and if you happen to leave your Internet connection to always-on, getting email pushed to you, replying tons of mails and text messages, a portable power pack should be right up your alley.

iKit intends to step in and offer some respite from low battery warnings with their NuCharge case which is compatible with both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4. We will take a look at just how it will serve you better in the extended post.

The NuCharge is touted to almost double your phone’s battery life, delivering a quick and powerful charge solution so that you will never run out of juice not to make phone calls during the most crucial of moments. This black lightweight case measures a mere 6mm thin and tips the scales at just 2 ounces, and despite its diminutive size, it packs a powerful charge that maxes out at 1400 mAh of power.

Doubling as a protective case, you can be sure that your iPhone remains safe and sound from reasonable drops and scratches. Apart from that, the NuCharge is equipped with an ON/OFF switch that helps conserve power when not in use. You can tell just how much battery life there is left on it thanks to the blue LED light in front. Expect to pay $64.95 for additional power on the go that should last you the distance.

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