A door wedge always comes in handy, as it prevents your door from slamming after being nudged by a particularly strong draft at that point in time. Not only does it help you avoid unwanted shocks and frights (your cat and dog will appreciate it as well), it will also prevent ruining said door at home. Of course, there is also the risk of having your fingers or toes getting hurt in the process when you are less than careful, and with the £14.99 Ila Wedge Personal Safety Door Alarm, it not only avoid all of those nasty occasions, it will also double up as an alarm – pretty handy if you happen to live in a foreign country.

Should there be an unwanted intruder who tries to force entry, you and the hotel staff will be alerted by an ear-splitting alarm. This device will not add that much weight to your luggage, and there is no fear of accidentally triggering the device courtesy of an On/Off switch. It will run on a quartet of LR43 alkaline button cell batteries and dishes out a banshee rivaling 130dB volume level.

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