Man’s best friend cannot stay cooped up in a playpen or crate all day long, taking toilet breaks and getting fed in between. No sir, in order to have a happy and healthy dog, it needs exercise – just like you. And until you are able to command the dog’s full attention, it is recommended to walk your pooch with a leash. Some of us prefer those constant-length leashes, while others might want to use a retractable pet leash as it allows a certain degree of exploratory freedom for Fido when given permission to go nuts with his nose on a grassy plain.

Of course, since not everyone has a job that has stable, 9-to-5 working hours, walking the dog might end up as an activity that has to be done when dusk falls, or even late at night. Doing so can not only be dangerous for your dog, but for you as well, since you might actually end up being mugged or worse (touch wood here!), especially when you do not carry any light source with you. Hence, the $39.95 Illuminating Pet Leash that says it all – the flashlight unit is mounted to the top of the leash handle, sporting 9 powerful LED. A built in storage compartment on the handle will stash away a waste bag, and the entire device is powered by a trio of AAA batteries. This is meant for small and medium sized breeds only, as any pooch heavier than 36 lbs. might just break the leash without much pulling effort.

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