Yes, we all know what a lucrative market it can get for companies who cater for iDevice accessories, what with the phenomenal success of the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, not to mention that there is no sight of the iDevice accessory market slowing down anytime soon. Well, what about folks who hail from the other side of the divide? The world does not comprise of just Apple devices, you know, and there are also other tablets out there such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. iLuv must have decided to look at the “underdogs” and taken pity, hence the iSM524 ArtStation Pro, which is touted to be the first audio docking station for Samsung’s range of Galaxy Tab tablets.

Touting a combination of superior aesthetic design with cinematic sound quality, the iSM524 ArtStation Pro is said to be able to heighten your Samsung Galaxy Tab experience, where it intends to transform your tablet into a home entertainment center which lets you easily and comfortably enjoy music, movies, and TV shows among others.

According to Pia Chon, marketing director at iLuv, “At iLuv, we continually strive to anticipate and deliver the most comprehensive range of feature-rich solutions for every facet of the mobile lifestyle. We are proud of our partnership with Samsung, and of the fact that we are the first and only company to offer an audio dock for the GALAXY Tab series. The ArtStation Pro for GALAXY Tab is truly a testament to iLuv’s design and engineering prowess and enhances the Samsung GALAXY Tab beautifully.”

The ArtStation Pro will hopefully be able to fit into just about any living room without looking out of place, all you need to do is place your Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet in the ArtStation Pro, and let the rich, bold jAura acoustics wash over your ears. There is the articulating arm which can rotate for portrait or landscape viewing options, not to mention the fact that it can tilt itself accordingly for maximum viewing comfort with your Galaxy Tab 10.1/8.9.

Nice to know that a remote control has also been bundled into the entire shebang, letting you skip through audio and video tracks and ensure that volume control is always at the tip of your fingertips without missing a beat. To make sure you never run into situations where you lose your remote control ever again, this compact remote can be stored magnetically against the back of the system. Expect to fork out $149.99 for the iLuv ArtStation Pro.

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