If you love carrying your iPod with you wherever you go – and by this, we mean just about anywhere, here is the Impervious iPod Speaker Case which would make a pretty good purchase in our books. Capable of protecting just about any-generation iPod from water, dust, and crushing forces without sacrificing on clear audio from its built-in speaker, you will find its polycarbonate construction that is covered with a shock-absorbing rubber shell on all four sides and corners suitable for a rugged lifestyle.

The case itself closes using a couple of locking latches which will keep both halves shut and the o-ring sealed tight, so you are able to enjoy a 100% waterproof experience no matter where you go. Of course, we don’t suppose if you go diving with this puppy it is able to hold out on its own at a certain depth, but then again it wasn’t built for such purposes. Powered by a trio of AA batteries, the Impervious iPod Speaker Case can be yours for $49.95.

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