Infinitec has introduced the Pocket TV, which is an Android 4.0-powered HDMI micro computer which is capable of transforming any TV into a Smart TV, making this a small miracle that you might just want to discover for yourself. This Pocket TV can now be pre-ordered on KickStarter, where it has been touted to be one of the world’s smallest computers. Capable of functioning as a fully functioning micro-computer that measures roughly the size of your thumb, it has enough processing power underneath the hood which will enable you to display Android on your TV, transforming it into a really large sized tablet.

With the Pocket TV, you are able to download apps from the Google Play Store in order to stream videos, play games, hook up with the rest of your friends on Facebook, in addition to reading up on what is happening on the world front where news is concerned, perform some work, or just to surf the Internet. Not only that, you are able to hook up a video camera to perform Skype video-calls on your TV.

Since the Pocket TV is diminutively sized, you are able to tote it with you wherever you go, but there is also the risk of you losing it because it is just so small. Imagine plugging it into a projector, and your presentation can be played from the cloud (for example, a Dropbox account), or locally from the SD memory card.

According to Ahmad Zahran, Founder of Infinitec, “Our motivation to create the Pocket TV was that we found ourselves with too many gadgets. Nowadays we had a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop and we thought wouldn’t it be great to have one small portable solution that did what all these gadgets do but on a big screen TV. Pocket TV will give users a simple solution to accessing their digital life, surfing the internet, streaming video, playing games, doing video-conferences and much more from anywhere and on any TV or monitor. Unlike with smartphones and tablets they will be able to do all this on a large screen with something that literally fits into their pocket.”

Other multimedia capabilities of the Pocket TV include the ability to stream video, which means you can watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Videos on your TV in HD glory, instead of doing so on a tiny computer screen. Audio capabilities of the Pocket TV are also worth noting – it functions as a streaming device for music, letting you play all content on your computer or home network drive (NAS).

You can place a pre-order for the Pocket TV for $99 at the moment, although the regular price stands at $160.

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