Inflatable Bicycle Helmet or Unused Prop from an Alien Movie?I really can’t tell if this model’s beautiful life is about to be saved or snuffed out by some kind of bulbous brain sucker.

The description makes it sound like an inflatable bike helmet but that could be because the writer had one on his or her head as well, and it was controlling their actions, because that’s what these bulbous brain suckers do.

I’ll err on the side of sanity and say this is a bike helmet, and that it was one of five projects that won an award at INDEX this year. Called Hövding, the design is the work of Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, and apparently erupts from the scarf around your neck when “it senses abnormal movement.”

Yeah, anyway, for some reason or another I have this little suspicion that this helmet could be an example of form over function. Just a tad. [Dezeen]

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