InFlight Labs, LLC has just announced the very first advanced in-flight messaging service for use during air travel and on the ground. This new communication tool will allow airline passengers to stay connected with up to 25 business associates, family and friends all at one time while in-flight. Excellent! InFlight Messenger makes use of the aircraft’s Wi-Fi Internet connection to provide passengers with real-time two-way communications while in-flight. integrates all the best features found in text messaging tools and instant messengers to create a great user experience.

Using a laptop (or soon, using your iPad), subscribers can access InFlight Messenger’s website. Passengers can then send and receive unlimited text messages which will take less than 7 seconds, even at 30,000 feet. Okay, so I guess that’s not exactly instant, but close enough for me and messages can be sent to almost any cell phone in the United States and Canada.

InFlight Messenger also offers some innovative features. Two of them are the message history function and the text message calendar. The text message calendar allows a user to input appointments, events and schedules for business or family members. A text message reminder will then be sent to the individual any hour, day, month or year. Replies to the reminder are forwarded directly to the subscriber’s cell phone, whether or not the user is currently logged in at the website. So now, I have more in flight time killers, good thing, peanuts and a movie were getting old!

InFlight Messenger will be priced at $1 for a 30-Day Pass and $1.99 for a 90-Day Pass of unlimited use. Currently, customers can sign up free of charge for this new service by visiting .


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