inPulse Smartwatch – Information at your Fingertips… Okay, Wrist!

inPulse Smartwatch – Information at your Fingertips… Okay, Wrist!

This next gadget is going to come as no surprise to anyone, since we were kids watching Star Trek we all knew the day was coming. It may not be exactly what we have been anticipating all these years, but it is taking us one step closer to the inevitable. It looks like fun, it may be convenient, and if nothing else, its one heck of a conversation starter.

Meet the inPulse, lovingly called, the Smartwatch. Not as big as you might think, this nifty little device lets you get select e-mails, text messages, calender alerts, SMS feeds and caller ID information from your Blackbery and now, also from your Android phone, right to your wrist. Your watch will vibrate to attract your attention to its cool color information screen. Gone are the days you need to dig for your phone, you simply have to check your wrist to be updated on your digital life.

The Inpulse also makes available a menu of additional applications you may find useful or amusing for your new watch, they include some games, slot machine, interesting watch faces, a weather application and you can also monitor the status of your website or design your own apps!

When used with select Android phones the inPulse Android App initiates communication between our site and your watch, about every 15 minutes and requests updates, when there is in fact an update available, that information is sent to your watch and you are alerted. The phone and your watch are only connected during the this brief transfer of information, in order to preserve precious battery life. (anticipated to be around 36 hours)

So if you are looking for that next new gizmo, this might be it. The inPulse is available for for around 149 bucks for the plain metal and under $200 for the stealth black. Check to see that your phone is compatible and you might be on the lookout for an iPhone version, coming soon?


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