California's Cannabis Industry

The emerging cannabis industry is a great source of opportunity for people who want to open a new business, but finding accurate information about the various services and supplies needed can be difficult. Not only is there a lot of unintentional misinformation out there because of innocent misunderstandings and constant changes to the legal landscape, there are also hurdles posed by traditional financial industry operators choosing to abstain from the market. That affects a business’s ability to bank, to invest in additional assets and income streams, and to buy insurance coverage.

Insurance for Cannabis Businesses

Luckily, there are insurers looking to work specifically with the cannabis industry. The biggest benefit when you work with a California cannabis insurance company? Your business is their business. They don’t cover other industries, they just make a point of knowing how to profile the risks of every kind of business that emerges in this one. That makes them very versatile if you expand your operation and add new services or goods, and it also means they know how to tailor cost-effective coverage with no gaps, just like you need. Whether you’re retailing, growing, manufacturing derivative goods, or providing transportation services, you need an insurer that understands your role in the bigger industry and your needs as you expand and flourish.