I love my iPhone, in fact I have no idea what any of us did before we had these things. If I forget to bring my phone with me, the day is shot. I can’t get anything done, and I worry all day that someone needs to get in touch and can’t. I mean, no one knows my house phone number, or work… I just wish these devices had more personality. I wish they had more style, and I don’t mean covered with red silicon, hard plastic, or stick on gems.

How about ion’s mirrored gold StealthPredator, made exclusively for the iPhone 4? Made from carbon fiber, the same components found on the world’s most exclusive cars, this case is super stylish protection for your iPhone 4. Chromic anodized Polycarbonate chassis for the trim. It is ultra slim, uber protective and simply gorgeous. The StealthPredator will make your phone stand out from the crowd and keep it safe as well.

Available in four different colors: mirror gold, metallic red, gunmetal and silver chrome. The StealthPredator will make your iPhone 4 look like a million bucks, and it will actually only set you back about $59.99.

Check out ion’s new Carbon Jacket as well, featuring carbon fiber and premium grade sheep leather, very nice.

Both available now at  www.ion-factory.com

source: www.ion-factory.com

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