ION Audio has just introduced its latest piece of consumer electronics – an ultra-compact speaker system that targets iOS-powered devices, microphones, instruments and other miscellanous Bluetooth-powered music players. Known as the Road Rocker, it debuted at the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas, and is tiny enough to be carried around with you wherever you go, regardless of whether it is meant for a camping trip, tailgating, parties and most definitely road trips.

Just how does the Road Rocker work? Well, it has Bluetooth connectivity to thank, as it will stream music wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth – so basically most modern smartphones are compatible with it, in addition to a bevy of Bluetooth enabled devices such as tablets and portable media players. Do not sneer at its size, as this is one “pooch” that has quite a mean “bark” despite its size.

Despite being incredibly compact, it still packs in a high-quality full-range speaker, a 1/4-inch input for connecting microphones or instruments, and even comes with a bass port which will offer music an additional low-end thump. It does not matter whether you are using the ION Audio’s Road Rocker to make sure everyone at your party has a rocking good time, or to keep your guitar skills sharp through practice even when you are on vacation. Sporting a built-in rechargeable battery, the Road Rocker will be able to deliver up to eight hours of uninterrupted music.

Not only that, it will come with an 1/8-inch input and cable that will let non-Bluetooth enabled music players and devices hook up to it. The integrated cradle will make sure your iPad, iPhone or other device remains nice and secure on top of the Road Rocker even when you are having the time of your life with your favorite tracks, good friends, and great food. No idea on pricing though, but we do look forward to its general release to the market later this year.

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