“There’s an app for that”, or so it goes, and here we are with the iPad which is capable of controlling an LED wall art installation, virtually allowing it to morph into any psychedelic work of art that fits your ever-changing mood. Known as the Aurora LED wall by Friedland, the whole idea of this technological artistic installation was due to the need to fill up an empty 6′ by 12′ wall in Greg’s living room. They say that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Basically, the lights in the Aurora LED wall will comprise of a grid of 544 RGB LEDs that is able to display approximately 16 million colors, all bound to a board that measures 4′ by 8′.

The LEDs will be controlled by a microcontroller, where in turn it is controlled by a program that runs on a notebook. The computer will function as the brain of a system, where it will be able to churn up the graphics required to light up the wall with relevant artwork. A microcontroller will work to relay the messages to the LEDs. Said PC software will hook up to the software that runs on the iPad, allowing one to interact with the moving patterns in real time. Not only that, the Aurora LED wall is also capable of responding to music, bouncing and flashing alongside the beat. Seems to be something worth having in your home, no?


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