How many of you own a speaker system at home, be it hooked up to your home theater setup, or being connected to your desktop/notebook? Well, safe to say that for the majority of you out there, these speaker systems will need some sort of cable to connect to a power outlet, as that is where they derive the necessary power from to make louder whatever you’re listening to.

Not so with this unique speaker which is totally natural and passive in nature. To make matters more interesting this speaker will be compatible with Apple’s hot selling iPad tablet device, helping it keep up with the times. Designer YellowGlueBlues is behind these wooden, iPhone and iPad speaker docks, where they are totally natural – meaning you won’t find any electronics or batteries inside.

These passive speaker solutions will function by taking advantage of the laws of physics – through the channeling of sound from an iPhone or iPad’s built-in speaker via resonant wood channels, resulting in a naturally amplified sound, which is totally different from what a megaphone does.

What you see above ought to come in maple, cherry and walnut wood, with a price range of $50, going all the way to $60. The iPhone model will sport a couple of tunnels, whereby the designer claims they were precision drilled to create the best possible sonic result. As for the iPad version, you will find a solitary sound tunnel. No idea on whether the wood use is obtained from sustainable sources, but we don’t think they will sell as madly as other speakers in existence, so their impact on the environment ought to be negligible. Still, it would be nice to go to bed knowing that your latest speaker purchase is green in the large scheme of things.

To alleviate your guilt, at least it doesn’t consume power. Just don’t expect heaven and earth to shake with these speaker docks, since only a moderate amount of amplification is in the works, and sound quality will be more or less on par with with that of an iPhone’s speaker.


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