So you’re pretty proud that you’ve finally gotten hold of the phone that the world lusts after, which is the iPhone 4. Well, just in case you want to make sure you get the best bang for your iPhone buck, you can always bring home the $59.95 iPhone Desktop Handset. Basically, the iPhone Desktop Handset will turn your compatible iPhone into a desktop handset, as long as it remains docked. The desktop handset is capable of navigating through the iPhone’s plethora of applications, where among them include calendars, e-mail and the Internet. The headset itself is plugged into the iPhone’s headphone jack, while you can ensure that your iPhone receives the proper gadget nutrition (read: electricity) from a computer or wall outlet courtesy of a USB charging cable and adapter, and in turn, the iPhone’s battery will power the headset. With an anodized aluminum stand which looks stunning and complements your iPhone 4′s design, it will remain secure on a desktop using four non-slip silicone pads even in the most heated of conversations.

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