“There’s an app for that…” has proved to be quite the marketing mantra for folks who are huge fans of the iPhone (and of course, the iPod). For those who are looking out for different methods of maintaining their weight (or keeping track of their weight loss regime’s effectiveness), here is the $69.95 iPhone Weight Loss Tracking Scale that might just do the trick. The name of the scale gives the game away right from the get go, where this digital bathroom scale is able to wirelessly transmits weight readings to an iPhone in order to make it easier for you to monitor your weight. The scale is smart enough to send weight information to an iPhone automatically over Bluetooth, so make sure your iPhone remains within the 16′ “bubble” of Bluetooth.

A free app will stash those time-stamped readings, and showing them off as a list or on a graph for daily, portable tracking. You can also let the app know just what kind of food you have eaten, in addition to your exercise routine so that it will calculates the number of calories consumed as well as amount burned daily, nudging you closer to your weight loss goals with a visual representation. Of course, all of that comes to nothing if you do not stick to your weight loss regime. The scale itself is equipped with a tempered glass top, and has a digital display, showing off readings in pounds or kilograms that are accurate to 1/10th of a pound or kilogram.

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