This is an idea by Easton-Bell for a pitcher helmet. I never heard of that before, but if the batters wear one, why not the pitcher?

Especially since the Gunnar Sandberg incident. Sandberg is a high school pitcher who got hit with a line drive and had to be put in a medically induced coma in order to stop the swelling in his brain. Sandberg is all for this helmet, which is made from expanded polystyrene.

This pitching helmet certainly looks like something that baseball players of the future would wear, if someone would make a baseball movie in the future. So if Major League 4 is set far in the future, this would be part of the costumes. Hopefully Charlie Sheen won’t be in that, because I’ve been seeing way too much of Charlie Sheen lately.

Honestly, I don’t see why all the baseball players can’t wear these things. After all, it could protect outfielders and infielders from missed catches. You know, like that guy in Men In Black that gets hit by a baseball while being distracted by a UFO.

Of course, I can see some baseball purists who would object to these, just as I am sure there were some leatherheads who objected to modern helmets. Something tells me the cap guys might have to get over themselves.


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