ADA Compliant

If you help run an assisted living facility or ALF, how much do you know about ADA compliance? As a facility, you have to be compliant with the regulations set forth by the ADA. Here is what you need to know about accessibility.

What Is the ADA?

The ADA or Americans With Disabilities Act is a law that prohibits discrimination and can guarantee people with disabilities the opportunities and services that everyone else is entitled to. Public space must accommodate those with disabilities to a reasonable extent. This is particularly important when it comes to nursing homes.

Is Your ALF Compliant?

In assisted living facilities, the residents may have a variety of disabilities. It is up to the facility to accommodate them. For instance, the facility must have spaces, furnishings, and equipment that residents in wheelchairs can easily use. There should be no tripping hazards and if there are multiple floors, there should be dining areas on each floor.

Also, given that many elderly patients have vision problems, there should be signs that visually impaired people can read. Or instance, there should not be a glare on the signs, and there should be a high contrast between the background and the lettering. To reach the standards of the nursing home ADA, everything must be accessible.