The very name iSkin itself is instantly recognizable among those who own a portable media player, simply because the company does roll out accessories in the premium range for mobile devices, and among their latest devices would be the earTones stereo earphones that come complete with a microphone and remote control, boasting a stylish design and eye-popping colors to capture the attention of anyone who takes but a glance at it.

Specifically designed for today’s wide range of digital gadgets, the earTones by iSkin is capable of delivering high-definition sound, being lightweight in nature and comfortable to boot. Thanks to its integrated microphone and remote control, the earTones will be able to hook up to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and other supported gadgets to deliver audio in/out, not to mention the ability to remotely answer and end calls, as well as control music and video playback.

We do understand that some of us are pretty paranoid about the cleanliness of our gizmos, and carry a bottle of sanitizer around with us wherever we go just to be on the safe side. The new earTones by iSkin will definitely appeal to those in that category even more since it features Microban, a kind of antimicrobial product protection that is applied on both the ear buds and the microphone so that the growth of fungus, odor- and stain-causing bacteria is inhibited. Needless to say, this is the first product of its kind that will feature such advanced integrated protection.

When it comes to comfort, each pair of earTones boast lightweight materials and soft-tipped earbuds with FlexFit, an industry-first flexible neck which paves the way for the earbuds to flex when inserted into the ear for maximum comfort. Whenever it is connected to iOS devices like the iPad 2, earTones will deliver pristine audio for all games, videos and music applications.

Any apps that support audio input will also allow the earTones to function as a microphone for recording audio, empowering it with voice commands and VoIP headset capability. When it is in iPod mode, you are able to start, stop and skip between music tracks. Apart from that, the earTones will also function with the voice control feature on iPhone and iPod touch, letting users issue voice commands using the integrated mic.

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