Now the MacBook Air is certainly a thing of beauty, and if you are one who tends to sell off your old devices to fund in part the purchases of new gizmos, then keeping your current MacBook Air in tip top condition is definitely important. Enter the iSkin ProTouch Classic Keyboard Protector specially meant for said notebook.

It has been designed to overlay the keyboard, preventing those who work late into the night and love pizzas from dropping small particles of food in between the keyboard’s crevices, not to mention helping keep dust and other impurities out. Despite being so thin, the ProTouch is extremely durable, working without overheating or hampering use of the keyboard.

Not only that, it acts as a sound dampener caused by typing while preventing key wear from heavy use, ensuring your MacBook Air is in tip top reselling shape. Available in Arctic (Clear Frosted) initially, it will play nice with the 11″ MacBook Air, retailing for $24.99 a pop.

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