The advent of smartphones these days have certainly brought about a whole new wave of sharing over social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook of course. Well, do you remember the first time you heard of a new camera being integrated into a phone? That was certainly the bomb, and it did bring about some jaw dropping moments when the phone’s display caught up with the kind of photos captured, and in due time, even the handset was involved in the megapixel race.

Well, once the world of photo stills was mastered by phone manufacturers, it is now time for some movie recording moments on your communications device. This is exactly what the iStabilizer Dolly is for in this day and age, where many people use their smartphones not only to shoot a photo, but also to record down those precious moments in their lives. More details concerning the iStabilizer Dolly can be found in the extended post.

iStabilizer is a well known name for churning out universal lightweight and compact tripods, steady cams and mounts for mobile devices and digital cameras, and this time around, their creation is simply known as Dolly. Dolly will rely on iStabilizer’s universal Mount, turning it into a compatible accessory for just about any other smartphone out there in the market. This is even made possible without requiring you to remove your smartphone’s protective case or bumpers.

The iStabilizer’s innovative camera dolly will ensure you can kiss goodbye to shaky and amateur travel videos. Not only that, your YouTube clips on your blog post will be far easier on the eyes – and there is no need for your viewers to get ready an air sickness bag, too.

The asking price for the iStabilizer Dolly? We are looking at $59.95, which is a small price to pay considering the amount of steadiness your hands will be able to experience, making sure that no one will ever laugh at you any more in the future concerning your movie recordings taken with a smartphone. You can say that this is more or less the ideal tool to capture tracking shots, time lapse, artistic work and stunning travel videos.

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