Energizer has been giving its customers a lot of power for years, and they are now giving even more with the iSurge.

The iSurge is one of those “it does all devices”, and it plugs into the wall and is an excellent place to lay an iPod or iPhone with a 30 pin dock. In addition to this, it has 3 standard surge protected AC outlets for charging anything that you can plug in.

It also has two USB ports with 2.1 Amp output for your iPad or anything else that is USB chargeable, which is just about every device these days. Oh, by the way, there is a night light, and there is even a rotating plug so it should fit in any oddly-place outlet.

In short, the iSurge is designed for the modern-day consumer of electronic devices, as it can accommodate quite a few at once. Considering that I have a phone, camera, laptop, and other assortment of gadgets, I could use an iSurge.

The funny part is that I don’t consider myself a gadget connoisseur, so I predict that there are a lot of consumers who could really use an iSurge even more than I do. Maybe Apple should put their official brand on it, since the name already has their small “i” in front of it.

If you want the iSurge, then you will have to wait until October, and lay down $60.


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