Want to keep tabs on your things, which is important if you happen to work in an office full of kleptomaniacs? That is where the £99.95 iZON Remote Room Monitor comes in handy, where absolute trust among your colleagues is just plain missing, and you absolutely loathe having to go around the office looking for your wayward pen which was gifted to you by your late grandfather as a graduation present. With the iZON Remote Room Monitor, why not let technology help you keep an eye on your personal belongings?

The iZON Remote Room Monitor can even be programmed to respond to audio or motion detection, although to put it in this setting might not be the best of ideas in a high traffic, public area. Basically, having one of these puppies around is somewhat akin to owning your very own CCTV network, or a cheap security guard who does not complain about the long hours. All you need to do is place the iZON Remote Room Monitor on any horizontal surface, or opt to mount it to a wall if you want, and adjust the angle accordingly. Login to your secure user account after that, and start streaming away!

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