Jabra goes public with next generation Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth headset

Jabra goes public with next generation Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth headset

Jabra has long been associated with Bluetooth peripherals right from the beginning – I clearly remember back in the days where having Bluetooth on your phone meant you were in the upper percentile of the population where earning power is concerned, but it is nice to see that technology being made available to the masses that these days, any phone without Bluetooth might be looked at in a strange way.

When Bluetooth connectivity has become a staple in handsets, you know that the accessory and peripherals market will blossom as well. Enter Jabra with their latest generation Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth headset, touted to deliver a whole new level of usability to Bluetooth headsets as it merges features with unprecedented style, bringing new meaning to the expression ‘form and function’.

Sharing a similar revolutionary design as the Jabra STONE, the next generation Jabra STONE2 will boast a new voice concept which paves the way for a truly hands-free experience. This new voice system is smart enough to informs the user who is calling and letting them say “answer” to take the call or “ignore” to reject it. With Voice Guidance, set-up is a snap, and you can even have your total battery remaining announced.

A quartet of “comfort-tested” ear-gels will also make sure that you wear the STONE2 in a comfortable manner the entire day lone, while there is also the wireless portable charger which makes it a whole lot easier to juice up your Bluetooth headset without having to wrestle with an entanglement of wires and cables. This also translates to easier packing if you’re one who lives out from a suitcase.

We do not yet have the pricing or availability details for the Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth headset as at press time though, but you can check it out at Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona as the show is in its last day now.

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