Whenever you are away for a couple of days and do not want to incur any more expenses on your already tight monthly budget, then you would surely take your chances by leaving your beloved pet cat all alone at home – closing all avenues of escaping at the same time. As for feeding issues, it is nice to know that there are automatic pet feeders out there, but what happens when modern technology runs into some trouble and gets jammed? Enter the $249.95 Jamproof Programmable Pet Feeder, I suppose.

This programmable device is capable of dispensing kibble automatically, making sure your beloved feline is properly fed on schedule – and I am quite sure dog kibble would work fine, too, although a dog who has yet to be house-trained to do its potty business at the same spot might not be such a good idea to be away from for a couple of days. This model ensures no jams happen thanks to a patented flexible drive mechanism which is said to be virtually impossible to clog. It plays nice with moist of wet kibble, so go on and take that long deserved break without any worries!

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