I’m sure that you’re probably familiar with Jawbone, makers of some quality Bluetooth headsets like the ERA. This particular wristband is made for those who want to lose weight.

Simply known as the Up, this wristband is filled with sensors, and it is designed to be wirelessly connected to a smartphone App on either iOS or Android so you can track sleeping, eating, and other activities thanks to its accelerometer.

The App allows the user to take pictures of his or her meals, and I am guessing that it counts calories. I’ve heard of healthy Apps that can do that, but I can’t vouch for their accuracy.

Apparently, the user is supposed to wear this wristband all the time, but I don’t have any word about how to recharge it. It had better not require to much charging, or it will be too inconvenient for the user. Of course, isn’t that the definition of a diet?

According to my Source, Jawbone has been working on this Up for the past two years. I wonder if they originally made it as a waistband. I mean, if you are going to make a gadget for watching your weight, you should put it where it counts: around the belt.


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