I know that most of us do have a fitness regime of sorts, even if it involves lifting up the remote control, but the undeniable fact is this – if you want to keep fit and stay trim, don’t you think that it is about time you got off the sofa, stopped snacking on chips and fizzy drinks and start sweating it out at the gym? Yes sir, that is what I’m talking about, and Jawbone wants to help you out with the Jawbone UP – where it has been described as a “revolutionary system” which comprises of a small wristband and an app on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Both the software and the hardware will work in tandem in order to track your daily activity, sleep patterns, as well as eating habits so that you are better able to live a healthier life. Since we all know that most people last longer when they exercise in groups due to motivational factors as well as having peers to cheer you onwards, the Jawbone UP will also integrate a social experience as you can subscribe to personal and team challenges which are specifically tailored to help you achieve your goals.

The Jawbone UP addresses one of the more basic problems associated with the accurate tracking of your activity, as most of the time it would involve wearing a sensing device on you around the clock. The Jawbone UP should make that far less painful – attractive even, thanks to a sophisticated motion-tracking engine that is housed within an attractive, durable, and water-resistant design. This particular design will seamlessly and unobtrusively integrate itself into all your daily activities and errands.

In a nutshell, the Jawbone UP is smart enough to automatically measure and store all aspects of your activity such as the number of steps taken, calories burned, distance, pace, and active versus inactive time throughout the day. You will be able to pick up the Jawbone UP in a couple of days time, where you can choose from three sizes (small, medium, large) – and hopefully if you started off with large, you will end up with medium to depict your weight loss. Available in Dark Black, Dark Brown, Dark Red, Bright White, Bright Silver, Bright Red, and Bright Blue colors, the Jawbone UP will retail for $99.99 a pop.

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