Jerkface Guy Sexts a Naked Picture of a Teenage Girl to Teach Her a LessonEugene Foster, a 31-year-old man, found a nude picture of his girlfriend’s daughter on her phone and decided to teach her a lesson by sending that naked picture of her to everyone on her contact list. Uhh… yeah, that’s pretty much historically horrible parenting.

Foster has been arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor but it’s not because he’s a pervert or a pimp, rather, it’s because he’s just dumb. Dumb dee dumb dumb, dumb. The police say that Foster found the naked picture of his girlfriend’s teenage daughter on her phone (a photo which she had taken herself) and wanted to do right by her in the long run by teaching her a lesson of what could potentially happen if you take a naked picture of yourself. But unlike most sane parents who would talk to their child, he actually sent the freaking sext out to the 38 people in her contact list. He showed her the dangers of sexting by actually sexting a picture of her. What kind of twisted logic is that? A dumb teenage mistake is now a public disaster.

Seriously though, what good would have came from it? She’s embarrassed, everyone thinks she’s some sleazy weirdo and you’re marked as an idiot parent. And that’s all before you realize everyone saw her nekkie. Does she not ever want to take naked pictures again? Or does she keep doing it since everyone saw her naked? It’s like teaching your kid to not get pregnant by impregnating them, just awful. There are things you can show without actually doing, you know. Agh. People! So dumb. [AZ Family via Forbes]

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