When I was a kid I always wanted a jetpack, it seemed so cool to be able to strap that thing on your back and zip from place to place, then I grew up, and I still wanted one, but had a healthy fear of dropping out of the sky like a shot duck, sure wish I could catch some air without worrying about an unfortunate landing.

Check out the Jetovator, for thrill seekers that would like to take their excitement to the next level, the Jetovator is a flying bike, powered by your existing personal watercraft, it allows you to experience the freedom of flight, with the ease of riding a bike, all the while avoiding the nasty unpleasantness of crashing headlong into pavement or a tree.

The Jetovator works by redirecting the thrust from your personal watercraft through a forty foot hose to the Jetovator unit. The watercraft follows behind the Jetovater, using this hose as a tether, then this water thrust is used to propel and elevate the Jetovator up into the air. The rider is also able to redirect the thrust of the two front nozzles in order to maneuver the Jetovator in almost any direction.

Able to climb to over 30 feet above the water and dive down to 10 feet below it, this amazing stunt machine moves at speeds of up to 25 MPH. Its manufacturer professes “intuitive controls” that will allow you to glide, barrel roll and back flip in almost no time at all. You must check out the videos at jetovator.com. Of course, if you feel so inclined (and you have around 9 grand burning a hole in your pocket) you can buy one there too!


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