Jets for iPhone: Find Out Where the Best Seat on the Plane IsI don’t know when flying turned annoying for me but I absolutely hate it now. Going through security, dealing with checked bag fees and then getting stuck with an annoyingly terrible seat? Gah. Kill me. Jets doesn’t solve most of my air travel woes but it does help me figure out what the best seat on the plane is.

It’s a very slick and very well-designed app that tells you what kind of aircraft your flight will be using and what the best seats are on your flight. Think of it like a seating chart for planes. It’s really lovely, the seats are color coded (blue for standard, green for good, yellow for okay and red for bad) so quality seats are easily identifiable and the interface takes some visual cues from airports and airlines (the search bar is like an old school flight board) so it’s a beaut to use. The advice is on point too, you’ll know which seats have extra leg room (yes!) and which seats can’t recline (no!). Basically, it’s a great companion app to use before you book your ticket.

Jets is one of those gorgeous apps that combine the fluidness of great design with useful information. Some apps are nice to use because they’re useful, some apps are nice to use because they’re pretty but Jets is actually fun to use because it’s both! You can easily search by your flight number, plane model or airlines. Of course, I’d love if there was more information—like if it could tell me which flights have Wi-Fi or if the flight serves food—and more ability—like booking tickets—but the app more than fulfills its goal: to let you know what the best seat on the plane is.


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