Students who sit in the back half of the classroom have a higher tendency of playing pranks on others, as well as perform other acts which tend to incur the wrath of teachers, will definitely want to check out the $4.99 Katapult Pen. This is one pen that would make all of the other pens look pointless, not because it can write far better than the other pens, but simply because of the fun factor attached to it. It will be an impromptu catapult, and all you need is some rough paper to tear into pieces and fold it up into “bullets”.

Measuring 7″ in length while letting you write stuff out in blue ink. I do question the idea of it being made out of plastic though, since in your zeal of shooting the rest of your colleagues or classmates, you might actually exert far more strength than required and the plastic might end up brittle after a couple of years, breaking into pieces instead. What do you think – would metal be a more formidable idea?

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