iSure Insurance Agency

Travel is often a necessary component for any growing business. When it comes to forming solid business partnerships, networking or canvassing new opportunities, doing things over the phone or video chat may not cut it. This is when travel is crucial for personal meetings, largescale conferences, and anything in between. When you or your employees conduct business internationally, across state lines, or maybe even just a few miles into town, it is important to ensure their safety especially while they’re on the clock.

Coverage on the Go

Employee protection on business trips is nothing to take lightly. Regardless of where your employee travels, it is possible that you can be held liable if their safety is at risk while they are conducting work-related business. In order to avoid the potentially damaging consequences that follow these types of unforeseen incidents, coverage from iSure Insurance Agency policies and proactive practices can keep both your employees and your business’s reputation protected. In addition to a plan that specifically addresses business travel, practicing the following can also be helpful:

  • Having employees sign terms of travel contracts so they are aware of what activity is approved and covered
  • Prior to travel, check with your agent to verify that both work type and locations are included in coverage terms

While coordinating business travel may require additional responsibility, the benefits of taking your business to new locales can make it worth it.