Keeping Officers Safe From Liability

Keeping Officers Safe From Liability

It is essential today to protect the peace officers who protect the public. Excellent training, fine teamwork, good equipment and mental preparedness are not enough to keep officers safe. For full protection, a police liability insurance policy is a necessity.

Reasons Liability Coverage Is Needed

Officers are the front line when conflict or violence occurs or when it is a distinct possibility. Because you invariably deal with hostility and wrongdoing, you will find yourself on the receiving end of the unresolved anger. Citizens are becoming more likely to take officers to court. In addition, many laws are being written, making it easier to prosecute or sue officers.

Protections That Good Liability Coverage Should Include

  • Adequate financial coverage: Regardless of the outcome of legal proceedings, lawyers and legal actions cost money. Governments, businesses and other entities that cover officers with liability insurance have limits on the amounts they will pay.
  • Knowledgeable legal counsel: It is important for the insurance agency that covers you to have experienced legal minds standing by to support you whenever needed.
  • Vicarious liability coverage: Legal doors continue to open with creative ways to blame peace officers for the outcomes of police actions.

Liability Coverage Has Your Back

Dealing with legal action simply for doing your job is seldom part of the peace officer training you received. A good police liability insurance policy can give you peace of mind to continue your work.