Some of you might remember the Tokyo man who built a home in a place made for parking. This man, Etgar Keret, is going to build a house in the Wola district in Warsaw Poland, and this large thin triangle is designed to fit in between two buildings.

It’s narrowest point is 28.3 inches, and it has a living room, bedroom, and even some sort of crawlspace/attic. I like how it has the retractable stairway at the front door. Clearly, this Etgar Keret, an Israeli writer, must be some serious claustrophile. I’m not certain whether or not I could live here, as the three-feet living area might get to me.

However, if we want to a way to live between the narrowing spaces of two buildings, this is the way to go. This house has a three-dimensional steel frame, and it is covered with plywood and insulation panels with concrete cloth.

I’m not certain why the architects chose a triangle instead of a square or rectangle for its initial shape. Even though the triangle model has less space, I’m guessing its shape works well to support the bulk of the foundation in the corner. You would probably need some more support if you were to go four-sided with this structure.


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