Kisai's Newest Watch Reads Between the LinesTokyo Flash, the Japanese watchmaker with a flair for optical extravagance, has just released its newest user submitted design—the Kisai Online.

Originally submitted by Samuel Jerichow of Germany to the Tokyoflash Design Studio, the Kasai Online features an encrypted display of the current date or time in the form of continuous unbroken lines that can be broken with a flick of the wrist. The watch has a built-in accelerometer that senses the twitch and reveals the information through a falling lines animation.

The Online is available with a silver or black band and a blue, red, or natural LCD. As with all the Kisai watches, its a limited edition and will retail for $170, though you’ll be able to pick one up for $30 less for the next 48 hours at TokyoFlash.

Kisai's Newest Watch Reads Between the Lines

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