Want a surefire way to annoy your neighbors to no end? Then you can fork out £99.99 for the KitSound Boomdock, and make a nuisance of yourself in the neighborhood. This 2.1 audio system boasts of a top loading tray, forward firing satellite drivers as well as a down firing 5.25” subwoofer that is full well capable of delivering a sonic punch which punches above its weight class whenever you hear of it.

The KitSound Boomdock will also deliver serious audio clarity, offering an integrated FM/AM radio just in case you’re already bored with your current digital music collection. Of course, with a built-in alarm clock, you need not worry about getting another of those cheap plastic Made in China models that crack with just a drop to the floor.

At the back of the KitSound comes a pair of phono inputs for you to connect other devices, ranging from your Wii to your TV. Get this and blast it to your heart’s content if you’re living alone with the nearest neighbor being miles away.

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