Man’s best friend needs plenty of exercise as well, and apart from their daily walk, you might also want to indulge in a little game of fetch. Not all pooches love to retrieve a ball or a stick though, but you can be sure that generally speaking, retrievers live up to their namesake. Just in case your throwing arm is not all that it is made up to be, how about settling for a contraption that assists you greatly? We are talking about the $9.99 Launch A Ball.

This unique device would also have another unspoken benefit – basically, your hands need not “suffer” the wetness of drool any more on a ball, which is always a good thing. I find myself being in a fix whenever I play fetch with my labrador, as she drools an unbelievable amount. The ergonomic handle also plays on the physics principle of leverage, where it can let you throw a whole lot farther – although you will not end up being a Thor anytime soon.

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