I know I am not alone when I tell you that I can’t even begin to engage my brain in the morning without a cup of coffee. Okay, truth be told, it’s two cups of coffee and without it, everyone knows to not even talk to me. I often wonder how caffeine-free people make it through their day, or how they get anything done. One of these days I’m going to have to quit drinking coffee, but it’s not going to be today!

Especially since Lavazza (famous coffee maker) is making the first ever car coffee maker, to be offered as an option on the brand new Fiat 500L. Imagine, cruising down the road, with the aroma of freshly brewed espresso wafting through your luxurious new Fiat. With your brew bubbling right between your front seats, and plugged into its very own power source, you will have everything you need to keep you going.

Called the “coffee experience kit” it comes with two auto friendly cups, an espresso making base with a spoon and sugar holder (no word about milk or cream) Simply snap the new Lavazza into your Fiat’s secure center docking station and let Lavazza work its magic as your coffee pod is steeped in perfectly heated water, making an awesome cup of fresh espresso. Who needs Starbucks’s?

Well, I guess I do. While it seems like the new Fiat will soon be available in the U.S., it doesn’t look like the Lavazza coffee maker will be an available option for us. It appears that our sue-happy society (think McDonalds coffee on lap disaster) has got corporate attorneys too nervous to let us actually have an on-board coffee maker, but I’m not going to count out finding a retrofit kit on e-bay and hey, espresso is small darn it, I can drink it at a red light, as soon as I’m finished making my calls, putting on my make-up and finding a good radio station. For those that can, the kit is expected to be around 300 bucks and the new Fiat to go with it, $22,500.

source: usatoday.com

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