When it comes to the number of toys that you can purchase for your kids, there does not seem to be any end to it, what with the deluge of advertising from different manufacturers as well as the mad holiday season rush that happens once a year. The next thing you know, they would just spend a couple of weeks with the latest purchase from you, before ditching it and wanting something else new that was advertised on the TV or over the Internet. How about introducing something more educational and yet entertaining? This is what LeapFrog Enterprises have done by introducing the LeapsterGS.

The LeapsterGS is touted to be the “ultimate learning video game system”, where it will be the most recent addition to the award-winning Leapster family. Do not expect LeapFrog to remain stagnant with their creations, as the LeapsterGS is a groundbreaking improvement of Leapster Explorer. It might be deemed to be a revolutionary new gaming handheld device, but it will also have its fair share of educational properties as well.

Basically, the LeapsterGS will deliver fast-action gameplay that is jam packed with a rich learning experience, all coming in a sleek and kid-tough design. LeapsterGS is tipped to ensure kids remain engaged while learning by placing them in charge of the action with updated features, ranging from motion-based play, a built-in camera and video recorder, kid-friendly controls, and a large library of high-quality educational entertainment.

Greg Ahearn, chief marketing officer at LeapFrog, said, “LeapsterGS is an aspirational learning game solution that both parents and kids will love. Kids will experience fast-paced game-system action, and parents can trust their kids are engaged with age-appropriate educational entertainment. Our learning content is designed by our highly experienced team of learning experts to ensure our library keeps kids immersed in the game as they build important skills.”

Your wallet will also be pleased to know that the LeapsterGS itself is not too hard on your pocket, as it has a sticker price of $69.99, while being recommended for children 4 to 9 years. You can purchase downloads at $5.00 and above, while game cartridges will retail for $24.99.

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