As you seek the right treatment facility for your loved one, you will need to consider the level of care he or she will need for their condition. One potential choice you might hear about as you research is an immediate care facility (ICF). Continue reading to learn more about this type of facility and whether it is the correct fit for the patient.

Definition of ICFs

Immediate care facilities are designed for thorough care of patients who require daily assistance and custodial care. These patients often suffer from physical and/or mental conditions that do not allow them to take care of themselves, thus requiring the help of professional caregivers and physicians.

Differences With Skilled Nursing Care

You might confuse these facilities with skilled nurse facilities (SNFs). However, these services have a few key differences. ICFs do not focus greatly on medical care, while SNFs do. Additionally, ICFs have daily care but are not as involved as SNFs, which have 24-hour, in-depth medical care.

ICF Staff

Sources such as www.highlandrisk.com mention that ICFs are staffed by a variety of professionals.
Social workers
Physical therapists
Occupational therapists
These individuals help patients with daily tasks like changing clothes, maintaining hygiene and some housekeeping.
If your relative or friend has a developmental condition and requires living assistance, an immediate care facility might be the best solution. Research carefully before deciding on the right location.