We know that the Nintendo Wii tends to target kids more than adults, what with the bunch of shovelware out there that concentrates a whole lot more on easy and fun experiences without much depth. Well, to make life more colorful, how about getting your little ones the LEGO Nintendo Wii Controller then? At £34.99 a pop, it might be rather pricey, but at least it offers a LEGO twist to a fully operational Wiimote. This is a fully licensed LEGO product that has the collective nod of agreement from the suits over at Nintendo as well, sporting a speaker, accelerometers, rumble effects, control buttons and a wrist strap. After all, having this fly and hit your TV or someone squarely in the face is going to hurt even more. Nice to know you need not work on constructing all the innards, otherwise a rocket science degree might be required.

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