We know that you think your entire iPod playlist is the bomb – perhaps this is why you are strangely drawn towards the bomb-like Lenco 2.1 High Powered Speakerball? Coming in a choice of black or white colors, this speaker retails for £79.99 a pop and is said to deliver truly explosive sound – let your ears be the judge! Of course, if you listen to Britney Spears and Justin Bieber, then chances are pretty good your ears are alread shot right from the beginning.

The Lenco 2.1 High Powered Speakerball intends to literally raise the roof as you play your favorite tunes on this, as this self-contained 2.1 audio system is compatible with just about any iPod or iPhone docked inside, as it doubles up as a charger to boot.

The Speakerball will feature its own equaliser settings that are able to adjust the treble and bass, or you can also opt to take the lazy way out by choosing preset Rock, Pop, Classic and Jazz modes.

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