I think is it terrific to have an Android phone with access to an Internet Browser, but I don’t have access to the Bookmarks on my laptop.

That is, until now. With Firefox 4, I can sync my bookmarks with my Android phone, and I would like to tell you how after the jump.

First, you are going to need Firefox 4, normally there is automatic updates, but it didn’t seem happen for me on my laptop. Go ahead and check the Help section and see what version you have now, and then that should update it.

Second, go to the Android marketplace on your mobile phone and download the Firefox App software.

Third, once Firefox 4 is on your computer, go to the Tools section and click Options. You will see a Sync button, and click on it. This should start the setup, and you will need to enter in your email address.

Fourth, open the App on your Android phone. You should see three codes that are a mixture of letters and numbers. Go ahead and enter those in on your computer.

Now, you should be able to access Firefox on your Android phone, but the Bookmarks won’t show up for another half-hour or so. However, they will be there eventually, and you can use them.

I highly suggest using this, and leave a comment if I have left anything out. It does work for an Android phone, but I’m not certain what version it is compatible with. I have version 2.2 (Froyo) on mine, and it works well.

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