I have to say there isn’t too much I look forward to less, than doing the laundry. Okay, maybe ironing and cleaning the bathrooms, but laundry is certainly right up there on my list of “I think I’ll wait till tomorrow” chores.

The good news is that that LG has just introduced the Mega-Capacity TurboWash, that can wash a whole lot more clothes in fewer loads, and save you up to 20 minutes of time per load… which in turn can free you up to do a million other household chores you don’t really like, including cleaning out the fridge and emptying the kitty litter box.

LG’s new technology actually combines the Spin and Rinse cycles to save us about 20 minutes —while still maintaining superior cleaning performance. What’s more, LG’s 6 Motion technology utilizes six wash motions that LG likes to call Tumbling, Scrubbing, Filtration, Rolling, Stepping and Swinging, all in various combinations (just like the moves your great-great grandmother used to put on the families dirty clothes way back in the day) and an upgraded control panel that allows easy access to all functions and adds to the washing machine’s stylish and elegant design.

The LG Mega-Capacity TurboWash Front-Load Washer also features Smart Diagnosis technology that helps diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical issues, which helps prevent costly and inconvenient service visits. Additionally, a downloadable smartphone application alerts customers to simple problems, such as a loose water hose or a door being left open. Imagine that, a washing machine that texts you…

The LG Mega-Capacity Washer will be available to consumers in mid-June, at stores nationwide with suggested retail prices starting at $1,399. To find out more visit LG.com


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