LG Electronics has just added another feather to its cap with a glasses-free 3D monitor – and not only that, their latest effort will also not go to waste, considering how it is also the first in the market that will be on the receiving end of the TÜV Rheinland certification for a glasses-free 3D monitor.

The 25″ DX2500 will see the incorporation of glasses-free parallax barrier 3D and head-tracking technologies, and Si-hwan Park, Vice President of the Monitor Division at LG’s Home Entertainment Company, says, “LG is taking glasses-free 3D monitors mainstream with the DX2500. With the DX2500, we are making the LG brand synonymous with glasses-free 3D monitors. In 2012, we’ll continue to expand our range of glasses-free 3D monitors featuring different designs and advanced functions.”

Of course, not having to wear any 3D glasses would also mean that you as a viewer, will need to make some provisions on your part. In order to enjoy optimal viewing of 3D images, you will still need to stay within a certain angle and distance, but the traditional restrictions have been relaxed thanks to the inclusion of the parallax barrier 3D and head-tracking technologies that see action with the LG DX2500. This results in you enjoying a greater freedom of movement, allowing you to have a more comfortable user experience.

The use of position tracking in the DX2500 will function in the way where a camera that is embedded in the monitor, where it is capable of detecting changes in the user’s eye as well as head position in real-time. Using this information collected, the monitor will then do a little bit of soul searching on its side, where it will calculate the angle and position of the viewer as well as adjust the image to display the optimal 3D effect. Once that is done, it will proceed with its advanced 2D to 3D conversion function, letting DX2500 owners view unlimited 3D content including movies, photos and games with but a single mouse click.

No word on pricing, but the LG DX 2500 will be available in South Korea now, although the rest of the world will have to wait until early next year.

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