Computers have come a ridiculously long way. We actually had an old Radio Shack computer back in the day that used cassette tapes for programs. I remember sitting for hours watching the thing draw random lines. The one thing that hasn’t changed all that much is the mouse. Sure, they have specialty ones for gamers and the like, but nothing really amazing… a mouse was pretty much a mouse, important, but shouldn’t it be able to do more?

Check out LG’s brand new Scanner Mouse. What could be easier than clicking the scan button right on your mouse and swiping it in any direction in order to scan almost any document and then have it digitized and sent to a file on your computer? Now you can scan, edit , save and share all your documents quickly and easily with a simple drag of the mouse. Think of it… e-mails, mobile messages and SNS’s Facebook and Twitter all at your fingertips.

The Mouse Scanner also has text recognition, so rather than having to retype everything you might want to edit, you can simply convert your scanned text to an editable Word document and, you can also just drag and drop your scans into a wide variety of different applications. You can scan almost any size up to A3 or you can just select certain areas on larger documents or papers.

The LG Mouse Scanner is the first of it’s kind, I wonder why it took so long? It seems a successful marriage between scanner and mouse that makes perfect sense. The Scanner Mouse has a 1,200 dpi laser sensor, requires only a USB port and Mac OS or Windows XP/Vista or 7 and you can get yours for only 99 bucks at

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