About five years ago, I went to CES for the first time and saw Sony’s XEL-1 OLED television. It was the first OLED, and although the picture was beautiful, the screen was so…small.

LG has just announced that they will have a 55-inch OLED screen at CES 2012. That is actually the biggest OLED screen, for now. The company has already worked on a super-thin 31-inch model.

The giant-sized screen has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and can produce more colors than other displays. It is developed by using Oxide TFT technology. LG has stated that: “The new technology allows light emitting diodes to self-generate light and features a reaction velocity to electric signals over 1000 times faster than liquid crystal”.

This 55-inch TV doesn’t have a price tag or a release date. It actually is made as more of a concept TV rather than something that they will put on the market.

It sounds like LG is “testing the waters” as far as future OLED technology is concerned. Of course, the problem with OLED technology is it is quite expensive. I remember that the aforementioned XEL-1 cost thousands, and considering that screen was so small, I can only imagine how much a 55-inch OLED would cost.


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