For the five of you out there who have yet to watch Tron: Legacy, you don’t know what you’re missing. We’re talking about super slick special effects that are guaranteed to have your jaw drop when you view it in 3D, and if you want to own a memorable piece from the movie, might we suggest you check out the Light Cycle here?

This illuminated, street-legal motorcycle is inspired by the computer animated cycle from the above mentioned 2010 film Tron: Legacy, where it has been specially designed for casual cruising and slow ride-bys at shows. A steel frame covered by a fiberglass cowling replicates the sleek look of its computer-generated imagery counterpart.

Apart from that, more jaws will drop at its electroluminescent strips that are built into the tire cowlings, wheel rims, and body in order to illuminate the cycle. Underneath all of that is a fuel-injected Suzuki 996cc, 4-stroke engine that won’t make the same noise as the bike in the movie, but at least it will impress whoever looks at it. Of course, you probably won’t get very far with its 3 1/2-gallon main fuel tank and 1 1/4-gallon reserve tank. Since all cycles are built to order, you can expect to have a tiff with your other half when discussing the $55,000 price tag this puppy comes with.

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