We have reported on Liquid Image products before. They are most most effective at making digital cameras that are mounted onto specially made goggles.

Clearly, the crowd for these devices are the extreme sports people, the ones who ski, dive, ride, or some other type of daring activity that I don’t do. This crowd would be familiar with GoPro and Contour cameras that attach to helmets, and it would appear that Liquid Image wants to get in on this tiny camera action with their new line of EGO HD.

The EGO HD is a “mini extreme sport camera for surfboards, autos, bikes, motorcycles, kayaks, or anything that you want to mount your Ego to”. It streams video via smartphones, tablets, or computers, and no extra wireless module attachment is required for wireless Live streaming.

It has some interesting ports like a micro-USB, and I believe this is where the power goes. I believe the footage records on a microSD, and I believe that there is an HDMI port there, but don’t quote me on it.

The Ego HD will come in a variety of colors which include black, white, blue, red, and green. I don’t yet have a price, but I believe it will be low.

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