When it comes to your kids, do you want them to live out your dream, or do you prefer them to pursue their very own dreams and ideas instead? I know that it can get pretty hard if you and three generations before you have been running a bakery, and here comes your tiny tot who wants to be an engineer when he grows up. I say, forget about following tradition – making sure the heart is set free is the far better option, hence ThinkGeek delivering the $129.99 LittleBits for budding electricians and engineers.

LittleBits are similar to LEGOs when it comes to the world of electronics. As how you snap LEGO bricks together in order to construct your very own castle, so too, can you snap LittleBits together in order to come up with a prototype of your next electronics project. In fact, it is as easy as snapping a couple of magnets together. Each bit will have its own function, be it lighting up, emitting some sound, work as a sensor, being a button…the list goes on. Each purchase comes with 10 snap-together modules, a carrying case, instructions, and a 9v battery to get you started right out of the box.

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